• If you are looking for a group of eccentric storytellers that can communicate your product or service to a large audience in an original way, please have a look at our work and certainly do not hesitate to contact us.


Bingo! and Panic! at the NFF

Starting the 23rd of September, Utrecht will host the Dutch Film Festival. Naturally, Frame Order will be there showcasing it’s latest animated shorts.


Sun Seeks Roof

TV commercial for Natuur & Milieu.


Short film: ‘Bingo!’

Starting the 13th of August, our latest short animation film Bingo! wil be screened in all Pathe cinemas in The Netherlands as a preview to the comedy film ‘Ted 2′!


Malmberg: ‘Familie Pluym’

We’ve made 36 episodes of ‘Familie Pluym’ as part of an educative app for kids.


Short film: ‘Paniek!’

Our short film ‘Paniek!’ is finished!


Sesamestreet: ‘White swans, black swans’

Tommie, Ieniemienie and Pino are visiting the wonderful world of M.C. Escher.


Radar Extra: ‘The price of the euro’

For the past few weeks we have been working hard on eight short animations that will be used in the new documentary by the AVRO TROS Radar, titled ‘Radar Extra: The price of the euro’.


Sesamestreet: ‘In the train’

Let’s take the train to grandpa! We created this animation for our national version of Sesamestreet.


Van Gogh Museum: ‘Camille’s Family’

We wrote and animated this introduction for a guided tour for children in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.



For KBC Consultancy we made a three-part animation. KBC helps out a refinery to meet certain standards, and keeping these standards.



Together with London based studio Trunk and Gent based studio Volstok we animated whatever the audience wanted to see for 4 days straight.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 16.21.59

Radar Extra: ‘De Schuldvraag’

‘Radar Extra: De Schuldvraag’ won ‘Best Documentary’ at the St. Tropez Film Festival!


Animal Rights in Europe

This animation shows how the Greens (GroenLinks and Groen) have fought for animal rights in the European parlement.


Musicvideo: ‘Résisdanse’

We provided the 2D animation for this video ‘Resisdanse’ of popular German band Irie Révoltés, directed by Maarten Berkers.


Children’s TV: ‘Outside!’

In the kids series ‘Outside!’ we’ve animated kids’ fantasies!


Sesamestreet: ‘Ozewiezewoze’

Tommie, Ieniemienie, Pino and Purk are playing with soap!


Sesamestreet: ‘Twee emmertjes water halen’

We created this animation of a classic Dutch nursery rhyme for our national version of Sesamestreet.


Color script of ‘Leaving Home’

Have a look at the color script of our animated short Leaving Home.


Short film: ‘Leaving Home’

When his father decides Richard is old enough to leave his parental home, he sends him out into the world. But Richard keeps returning home in an ever more bizarre way.


Musicvideo: ‘Zo mooi als jij’

We made the official video ‘Zo Mooi Als Jij’ (‘Beautiful like you’) for Dutch band the 3JS.


KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival Leader 2012

We made the official leader for the Amsterdam Animation Film Festival KLIK! 2012.


Commercial: ‘Ovivo’

Animation for British telecom provider Ovivo.


Short film: ‘Snapshot’

Een idyllische open plek in een bos lijkt perfect om dieren in hun natuurlijke omgeving te fotograferen, maar een goed bedoelend echtpaar van dagjesmensen mist alles wat zich recht onder hun neus afspeelt.


Albemarle: ‘Extending Cycle Length’

For Albemarle we’ve created three short animations featuring three clear characters set in a nifty stylized world.


The Grachtenhuis

For the Amsterdam based museum The Grachtenhuis (Canal House) Frame ORder made these two animations of the artist family Vingboons and Dutch banker Jan Willink.

2 (3)


Right before New Years, Frame Order made this commercial for Surfnet.

2 (2)


Frame Order made this infomercial for Considerati about online safety for businesses.


An exciting day for Anna

A short animation for the Dutch foundation Pleegzorg.


KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival Leader 2010

Together with the ‘Pivot’ team we created the festival leader for the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Film Festival. This time around though, we worked together with no less than 35 international artists.



Pivot is a short 3D animated film, created in a collaboration between Frame Order, Artibite and Soulbase. This short ‘Pivot’ was completed in September 2009 as part of NPS Kort!.