Frame Order Showreel

A taste of our productions up until 2013.


Famille van Camille

We wrote and animated this introduction for a guided tour for children in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

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Tros Radar Extra

For national television show Tros Radar Extra we made eight insightful animations to explain complex financial subjects in an entertaining fashion.


Animal Rights in Europe

This animation shows how the Greens (GroenLinks and Groen) have fought for animal rights in the European parlement.


‘Résisdanse’ video

We provided the 2D animation for this video ‘Resisdanse’ of popular German band Irie Révoltés, directed by Maarten Berkers.



We created this animation of a classic Dutch nursery rhyme for our national version of Sesamestreet.


Color script of ‘Leaving Home’

Have a look at the color script of our animated short Leaving Home.


‘Leaving Home’ premiere

On September 30th the animated short ‘Leaving Home’ by Joost Lieuwma premieres at the Dutch Film Festival. It will soon make its rounds on the international film festivals!